Adventure Trips

Every quarter we offer a number of opportunities to go on an overnight adventure, learn new outdoor skills, and meet some incredible like-minded people.

For a schedule of current adventures click here!

We work hard to come up with super fun activities, secure permits, make campground reservations, reserve transportation, train and schedule professional staff, provide top quality equipment, shop for nutritious and delicious meals, manage risks, predict the weather, etc. etc. We are extremely proud that we are able to offer this service at an unbelievable value. On rare occasion, the stars misalign and we are compelled to cancel or reroute a trip due to weather, permit or reservation issues, lack of enough signups or ??? We want to go as much as everyone, work to prevent cancellations, are are truly bummed when they happen.  

So let us worry about all that stuff. All you need to do is click through the different trips below to Choose Your Next Adventure:
AP Truck 2
One of the things we all get excited about is taking a break, getting away, and going on a trip! Our adventures are enjoyed by StudentsStaff, Faculty, and our Community

Winter 2019

Spring Break | March 2019

Lost Coast Poppies


Future Possibilities | Stay Tuned, We're Working on Them!!!

Half Dome Sunset Cropped