Aerial Silks

This program introduces participants to aerial arts. Aerial silks, also known as aerial tissue, is a combination of performance, dance, and acrobatics used throughout the world by notable companies, such as Cirque du Soleil. Though common in the field of acrobatics and aerial performance, aerial silks have been taught to performers and athletes, focusing on control and movements of the human body.

The aerial silks courses are designed for those who want to explore new ways of staying fit. This full body workout will not only build forearm, bicep, back, abdominal, and leg strength, but also will increase endurance, cardio strength, and flexibility.


The static trapeze class is fun, challenging and a perhaps a little scary. You will learn how to safely move around the trapeze, and how to transition your body through a variety of positions including splits, mermaid and gazelle. By the end of the workshop you will have improved strength, courage and confidence, as well as a short routine to show for all of your bravery and hard work! Get out of your comfort zone, nothing grows there!

Aerial Program Offerings

Aerial Silks I:
This 8 week course introduces participants to the art of aerial silks. The course will teach basic climbing technique, single and double foot tie-ins, inversions, basing, and basic drops. Participants will learn positions such as Arabesque, Double Maypole, and Half-Buddha.

Aerial Intro Clinic:
Not sure if you want to take an 8 week course? This clinic will take you through some of the basic moves and climbing techniques learned in Aerial I.

Aerial 1.5 and Aerial II:
Aerial 1.5 & 2 will expand on the skills taught in the beginner course.

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