Swim Lessons

Our swim lesson program follows the American Red Cross progressive swimming level model which includes six levels. Group lessons are age and level dependent.
We offer Private & Group Lessons.

All of our swim instructors are American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor (WSI) Certified.

Age Restriction
Children must be a minimum of 3 years old at time of lesson and be 100% "potty trained". Swim diapers are NOT allowed in the Recreation Center pools.

Spring 2018 Lessons

(Fee covers 5 lessons)
$100 Private
$50 Group (per child)

Spring 2018 Dates:
Sundays - April 8th - May 6th

Spring 2018 Times

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Groups are based on age and ability!
There is more information for Swim Lesson Levels below

Swim Tune Up Clinic

April 8-May 6, 2018

Swim Tune-Up Clinic is a fun way to "splash" back into aquatic activities, get some exercise and become just as comfortable and secure in the water as you were at the end of last summer.

The clinic will consist of in-water drills, longer distance sets, and timed swims which are designed to build endurance, decrease swim times, and increase each swimmers confidence in their own abilities.
Certified Red Cross water safety instructors are able to offer the guidance, instruction, and tips necessary to help participants get back in the water.

Participants must be a minimum of 8 years old and swim at or above the specified requirements of Red Cross Learn to Swim Program Level 4. This means that each participant must be able to swim a minimum of 25 yards freestyle continuously with a rhythmic stroke pattern along with 25 yards backstroke continuously, tread water for a minimum of 90 seconds, and be competent enough to swim in the deep end without an instructor in the water.

Spring 2018 Lessons
Registration opens Wed March 14th at 10am

Summer 2018 Lessons
On sale April 18th at 10am

Please Note:
UCSB Recreation introduced a new online registration system in November 2015. You will need to create a new user account to register for our offerings.

UCSB Faculty/Staff and students automatically have accounts in the new system tied to your UCSB NetID.

All other patrons will need to create a new account.

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Online Registration

Cancellations and Refunds

Be sure to only purchase lessons which your child can attend.
There are no refunds except those granted at the discretion of the administrative supervisor.
Refunds will only be granted should medical or other extenuating circumstances dictate. Medical issues require a doctor's note.
Refunds, if given, take up to four weeks to process once they are sent to accounting. Administration fees will be deducted.

Swim Lesson Levels

Level 1: Water Exploration
Swimmers have little or no experience with the water. Swimmers will be comfortably oriented to the water and taught basic pool safety. Skills taught include submerging the face, blowing bubbles, bobbing underwater, assisted front and back floating, kicking on front and back, and assisted front and back gliding.

Level 2: Primary Skills
Swimmers are able to perform all of the skills in Level 1. Swimmers will learn to independently float on their front and back, independently glide on their front and back , glide on their front and back while kicking, retrieve objects underwater, front and back crawl for at least 5 yards, roll over from front to back and back to front in the water, and jump into the pool and level off from a vertical to horizontal position.

Level 3: Stroke Readiness
Swimmers are able to perform all of the skills in Level 2. Swimmers will learn to tread water, glide on their front and back for 10 yards, elementary backstroke, and kneeling and compact dives.

Level 4: Stroke Development
Swimmers are able to perform all the skills in Level 3. Swimmers will further develop the skills learned in Level 3 and will increase their endurance by swimming freestyle and backstroke for 25 yards, elementary backstroke for 10 yards, tread water for 2 minutes as well as learn "side-breathing," breaststroke, and the standing dive.

Level 5: Stroke Refinement
Swimmers are able to perform all the skills in Level 4. Swimmers will learn to side-breathe on both sides, swim breaststroke (10 yards), sidestroke (10 yards), underwater for 3 body lengths, elementary backstroke (15 yards), dolphin kick (10 yards), and freestyle and backstroke (50 yards). Swimmers will also learn flip turns, diving on the diving board, and feet-first surface diving.

Level 6: Skill Proficiency & Advanced Skills
Swimmers are able to perform the skills in Level 5. Swimmers will further increase their endurance by swimming freestyle and backstroke for 100 yards, breaststroke and sidestroke for 25 yards, butterfly for 10 yards, as well as the pike and tuck surface dives. Approach, hurdle, and jump tuck on a diving board will also be practiced.
Age Breakdown
Level 1a = 3-5 yrs
Level 1b = 5-7 yrs
Level 2a = 4-6 yrs
Level 2b = 5-8 yrs
Level 3 = 5-8 yrs
Level 4 = 6-10 yrs
Level 5 = 7+ yrs
Level 6 = 7+ yrs


  • Children must be at least 3 years of age and "potty-trained' before beginning lessons.
  • Please do not schedule lessons directly before, during, or after your child's nap-time as this may interrupt their daily schedule.
  • Please make sure your child does not eat a heavy meal 30 minutes prior to their lesson.
  • Please give your children ample opportunity and encouragement to use the toilets before and after their lessons.

Facility Restrictions & Guidelines

Facility Entrance for your Swim Lesson:

  • You may enter the Rec Cen 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time to prepare for your lesson.
  • You may stay for 30 minutes after the lesson to exit.
  • Children enrolled in swim lessons are allowed practice time for 15 minutes before and 10 minutes after their lessons. Practice time is dependent upon pool availability and not guaranteed.
  • You must check in and out at the Rec Cen front desk.
  • Persons staying longer than their scheduled lesson time without purchasing a pass may lose lesson privileges.

Family Memberships and day passes for children of non Recreation Center Members are available in summer only

Swim passes for other children (siblings, friends) are available for purchase at the Rec Cen front desk by current members only from September-mid June.

Day passes are required of parents/guardians wishing to swim or use other parts of the recreation Center during lesson times.

During summer afternoon lessons, there is an hourly “adult swim only” time beginning 10 minutes  before the top of each hour (ie 3:50pm-4pm). At these points ALL children 12 & under must exit the pools.