Fall 2018 Offerings

Campus Point Kayak Tours
Have you seen paddlers working their way down our coast and ever wondered how you could be out there with the seal lions and dolphins? Well, now is your chance. With our sit-on-top kayaks the only skill needed is ability to swim and a desire to get on the ocean. We will meet at UCSB Campus Point, organize our gear, give a short lesson, then get on the water. Enjoy a fun 1-2 hour paddle along our local seaside kelp beds.

Moonlight Kayak Paddle
Imagine an early evening on the ocean, water drips off the paddle breaking the reflections of the moon and the coastal lights of our seaside University town. This is a paddle opportunity not to be missed. After a short skills lesson, we will put in close to Campus Point at sunset and enjoy a moonlit paddle. The class fee includes instruction and kayaking equipment. 

Santa Barbara Coastal Kayak Day Tour
In this day spent on the ocean, we will make our way down the coast, stopping for lunch at one of the many beautiful beaches. We will continue down the Pacific coast until reaching our final destination of the Santa Barbara Harbor.

Campus Point Kayak Surfing

If you have avoided the surf zone or need to sharpen your surf skills, then this is the kayak class for you. Getting through and feeling comfortable in the surf zone are important parts of ocean kayaking. Timing and a good brace are essential in the surf. Not only do we learn these skills but we have a blast doing it. This four hour class will give you the opportunity to practice your maneuvering skills, learn techniques for launching and landing in the surf as well as how to keep your stability while kayak surfing

Whitewater Kayak Rolling
Rolling a kayak is a valuable skill essential for river kayaking and handy for ocean kayaking. After two evening sessions of instruction and practice in the pool you will be well on your way to mastering this fun and useful aspect of kayaking. Part of the rolling class will be spent learning and practicing your bracing skills. Remember, part of this class will be spent underwater (upside down) so a wetsuit is highly recommended - especially on a cool evening.

Kayak Group Tours

Looking for a group activity or some team bonding? Explore the wonders of the Santa Barbara coast and local sea life, such as sea lions and dolphins, from the cockpit of a sit-on kayak! This is a great way to familiarize a group with the Santa Barbara region, develop skills with a kayak, and build community within the group itself.

Participants will meet at UCSB’s Campus Point to organize gear, partake in a short lesson, and then hit the water. Throughout the three hour day trip, participants will learn the basics of kayaking as they tour the beautiful, lush ocean coast.

For more information, email us at adventure@recreation.ucsb.edu.

Ocean Adventures