Become an expert in the art of wine, a pro with the acoustic guitar, or learn the ways of American Sign Language in our Enrichment classes! Participants can build their knowledge of wine in Wine Tasting, how to properly pair it with food, as well as serve and store wine. Guitar is offered at both the beginning and intermediate level, giving our Recreation go-ers with either the opportunity to start learning the basics, or hone their existing skills. American Sign Language provides the necessary preparation on communicating through the hands and face, and interpreting through the eyes. Our Enrichment classes are the perfect mix of instruction and fun!

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Acoustic Guitar - Beginning
This is a basic course for students who have never played a guitar before. A guitar and a desire to learn to play are the only requirements. The emphasis of the class will be on playing the guitar and having fun. Basic chords will be stressed so that students can progress at their own rate. Students should bring their own guitar.

Acoustic Guitar - Intermediate
The Intermediate Guitar class is designed for anyone who currently plays the guitar and would like to improve. The class covers a variety of material designed to help the average guitarist become a more knowledgeable and advanced player. Topics include: Technique, theory, fingerpicking, and better chordal and single string understanding. An assortment of songs and styles will also be covered. Students should bring their own guitar.

Wine Tasting

In our wine tasting class, participants are exposed to a wide range of wines and learn how to compliment them with food. The curriculum touches on the process of wine making (growing and purchasing of grapes, choosing equipment, fermenting, bottling and storing) as well as explains the many health benefits of wine. 

American Sign Language

Taught by Eric Brody. Eric Brody is a deaf person and member of several deaf organizations. He encourages those who are losing their hearing, have some degree of hearing loss or have deaf family or friends to take the class.