Rock Climbing

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The UCSB Adventure Programs Climbing Staff invites you to join them for the opportunity to learn how to climb and enjoy all the excitement that rock climbing has to offer. We offer a comprehensive and progressive climbing program. Our series of classes will keep you challenged as your skills improve. The number one prerequisite for enrolling in our classes is your desire to learn and have fun!


Fall 2018 Offerings

Climbing For Fitness
This class is designed for those wanting an unusual alternative for a full body workout or simply needing to gain strength and endurance for rock climbing. If you find yourself bored with the same old workout or struggling to get into the gym and stay motivated, this class could be your answer. Climbing is an unconventional and fun way to get exercise that even satisfies a need for adventure! Build forearm, bicep, back, abdominal, and leg strength and learn why experts recommend climbing as a way to target multiple muscle groups at the same time.

Lead Climbing Clinic
On lead, it is your sole responsibility to bring the rope to the top and protect yourself along the way. This 3-hour clinic teaches proper techniques for clipping into pieces of protection, falling and belaying a lead climber. It also includes an hour of follow-up practice with a qualified staff member. Come test your body and mind by climbing without the security of a top rope and see what it's like to be on the sharp end of a rope…
Prerequisite- Pass an Adventure Climbing Center Belay Check before you sign up. You should be very comfortable with top rope belaying.

Outdoor Rockclimbing - Level 1
This is your introduction to rockclimbing. The class focuses on the fundamentals of climbing. You will be instructed in knot tying, basic movement techniques, belaying, rappelling and basic climbing equipment. We start the class in our indoor climbing facility during the evening session. The full day lab takes place at one of the local climbing areas in the mountains behind Santa Barbara.
The fee includes instruction, climbing equipment and climbing shoes. Transportation is by carpool. This class has a maximum enrollment of eight.

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