Sequoia Backpacking

Come camp, explore, and hike to vistas of the Great Western Divide in this beautiful park with us! Backpacking enthusiasts with a sense of adventure welcome.

We will drive from UCSB to Sequoia National Park, with a lunch stop along the way. After admiring the scenery of the park, we will camp at Lodgepole. Day Two, we'll pack up our backpacks and hit the Twin Lakes trail, where we'll lunch at Cahoon Meadows and set up base camp at Clover Creek. Day three, we will head up to beautiful Twin Lakes over the Cahoon Gap.  Day four means breakfast in the woods, break down camp, pack out to Lodgepole, and take a final drive through the forest before heading back to Santa Barbara.

This trip is a backpacking trip.  All hikes will be rewarding and moderately strenuous; any reasonably fit person will find them enjoyable.  Fees include transportation, permits, camping, group gear, and all breakfasts and dinners while camping. You need to supply your own lunches, snacks, and personal gear.

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