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John Wesley Powell was one of the first people to explore the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Years ago he wrote, “We are now ready to start on our way down the great unknown... three quarters of a mile in the depths of the earth... walls and cliffs, that rise to the world above.” Things have changed since then; thousands have ventured to the bottom of the canyon by mule train or on foot, yet the canyon has remained unscathed. The awe felt by John Wesley Powell and his party is shared by all canyon explorers.

We are fortunate to have received one of the few permits issued for this time of the year. The permit allows us to hike and camp in the main corridor of the canyon for a number of consecutive days to allow for ample exploration. Temperatures in and around the Canyon can get quite cold and there is even a possibility of snow. Please follow the equipment list carefully. 

The hikes down into the canyon and back up are strenuous, especially with the weight of a backpack. Participants must be in good physical condition and previous backpacking experience is highly recommended.

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