Rec Cen Memberships

Rec Cen Memberships are available on an Annual, 3 month term or 1 month term. All membership terms begin on the date of purchase. Only two 1 month memberships may be purchased in any calendar year.

All Memberships are sold in person at the Rec Cen Registration & Cashier's Office. Please check hours and location

Community (annual, 3-month) and Faculty/Staff (annual, 3 month) memberships may be renewed online by visiting our Registration Portal. Details on how to renew these memberships can be downloaded here: How To Renew a Membership Online.

Rec Cen Summer Family Memberships will run mid June through mid September, at which time children are allowed to use many of the Rec Cen facilities. Time and facility use restrictions apply to children under the age of 18. Summer Family Memberships will be sold beginning June 1st in the Rec Cen Registration & Cashier's Office. 

All users must sign a Waiver of Liability release form before entering the Rec Cen. Children must have this form signed by a parent/legal guardian. 

2017 Recreation Center Calendar

Membership Prices

UCSB Faculty/Staff
Spouse of UCSB Student

$35/1 month (limit of 2 per calendar year)
$90/3 month

Alumni Association Member
Sponsored Member**

$50/ 1 month (limit of 2 per calendar year)
$125/3 month

Community Member
$60/ 1 month (limit of 2 per calendar year)
$155/3 month

Day Pass
$15 ($8 children, $10 teens- summer only)***

UCSB Student Summer Membership****
Mid June - September - $60
August - September  - $30

Family Memberships (only available during the summer quarter)

 Valid for two adults and all children living in the household. Children over the age of 18 will be charged an additional $60 each. Current members may add children to existing membership for $45 per child. One fourth of annual dues will be deducted from the family rate for current annual members.Children may only enter the Rec Cen after 10am.


Prices are subject to change at the discretion of the Governance Board.
Must be 18 years of age or older to purchase a Rec Cen Membership
Memberships are non-transferable.

Refund Policy
There are no refunds except those granted at the discretion of the administrative supervisor.
Refunds will only be granted should medical or other extenuating circumstances dictate. Medical issues require a doctor’s note.  Refunds, if given, take up to four weeks to process once they are sent to accounting.


*Payroll Deduction available for UCSB Faculty/Staff only.

**Definition/Qualifications for Sponsored Memberships: To purchase you must be the spouse of faculty/staff, a Rec Cen Member or the Domestic Partner of a faculty/staff Rec Cen Member or registered UCSB Student. Must show proof of California Domestic Partner Registration.

***Adults 18 years of age and older may purchase a Recreation Center Day Pass. The Day Pass fee will not be deducted from future membership purchase. Day Passes will expire at closing of date activated, it is not valid for a 24hour period.

****UCSB Students enrolled in either Summer Session A or B will be admitted all summer with their Access Card or photo ID.
Students not enrolled in Summer Sessions may purchase a Student Summer Membership. To do so students must provide proof of enrollment for the Fall quarter.