Fitness Center Policies and Etiquette

 Those using the Weight Room and Cardio Gallery must adhere to the following rules and regulations and abide by all requests from Rec Cen staff.

1. Please abide by all requests from the Rec Cen Staff.

2. Proper athletic attire must be worn at all times:
-No jeans or clothing with details or materials that could damage equipment.
-Clothing should serve as a safety barrier between skin and equipment as much as possible. Full-length t-shirt or tank top must cover the chest and midriff.  Gluteal folds should not be visible.
-Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times. (No open-toed shoes, boots, sandals, dress shoes or cleats of any type.) Shoes must be clean and non-marking.

3. Only trained and authorized Recreation Department employees are permitted to provide personal training and exercise instruction. 

4. Do not remove equipment from designated areas.

5. Re-rack weights and return all equipment to its designated areas after use.

6. Equipment may only be used for its designated purpose.

7. Wipe down equipment, upholstery and mats after use.

8. For your personal safety, please use a spotter when necessary.

9. Safety collars must be used regardless of the weight.

10. Please stow gear in the lockers and shelves provided (We are not responsible for loss or theft of personal items.)
-No athletic bags, skateboards, or other trip hazards are allowed on the weight room floor.

11. Other than water, no food, drink or gum is permitted in the Rec Cen Fitness Centers
         -Drink must be in a non-breakable container with a resealable top.

12. On cardio machines, observe 30-minute time limit including warm-up and cool-down period during high traffic time.

13. Be courteous and allow people to share fitness equipment in between workout sets.

14. Olympic lifts  must be performed on the platforms with proper authorization.

15.  Amplified music is prohibited. Earbuds or headphones must be used with personal listening devices. Exceptions are provided to Recreation Department programming.

16. Photography or filming requires a university permit, obtainable fro UCSB Risk Management (893-2860). 

17. Individuals are prohibited from:
Using chalk and other grip enhancing products in areas other than the Olympic platforms. (On Olympic lifts a small amount of liquid chalk is permitted.)
         -Touching or leaning against the mirrors.
         -Throwing medicine balls against the wall, ground or mirrors.
         -Dropping weights and / or equipment on the floor, except designated bars and plates on Olympic platforms.
         -Slamming weight stacks. Maintain control of weight during entire repetition.
         -Using hand weights or dumbbells on cardiovascular equipment.

18. You must be 16 years old or older to use the weight room during the Summer and/or on the weekends of the Academic year.