The UC Santa Barbara Department of Recreation operates a number of state-of-the-art facilities for students, faculty, and community members. The Recreation Center hosts gymnasia, weight rooms, racquetball/squash courts, swimming pools, and locker room facilities. Within the premises lies the Multi-Activity Court, a large expansion that includes an additional weight room, climbing wall, indoor hockey arena, basketball courts, and additional lockers. Adjacent to the Rec Cen is Robertson Gymnasium, a large multi-use facility that hosts basketball courts, athletic training centers, locker rooms, indoor cycling rooms, a gymnasium and more. The Department also manages three major grass and turf fields, sand volleyball courts, and tennis courts.

Boating and Sailing Dock - SB Harbor

UCSB Recreation operates sailing/boating classes at the Santa Barbara Harbor. Students may earn .5 units of credit by enrolling in an ESS sailing class via GOLD.

The Sailing Facility is also home to the UCSB Sailing team which is a sport club open to all UCSB Students.
For information on the UCSB Sailing Team click here.

Robertson Gymnasium

Robertson Gymnasium, affectionately known as Rob Gym, comprises a main gymnasium as well as numerous auxiliary spaces. Built in 1959 as one of the first buildings at UC Santa Barbara, Rob Gym remains a hub of student activity. Rob Gym's main gymnasium is the home of the UCSB men's intercollegiate volleyball team, Exercise & Sport Studies activity classes, intramural leagues and numerous special events. Rob Gym's main court is a multi-use space which can be used for volleyball, basketball, badminton, large dances, gymnastics competitions, lectures, concerts, or other special events. The main gym can be configured for up to 2 basketball courts or 3 volleyball courts (bleachers retracted) or 1 main court for each sport with bleacher seating for spectators. Approximate seating in the bleachers is 1500. Floor seating varies.
Other spaces located as part of the Robertson Gymnasium complex include; UCSB Sport Club Athletic Performance Center (APC), the Sport Club Athletic Training Room, a gymnastics room, fitness studios, locker rooms as well as many Recreation Department offices.
The main gymnasium was remodeled in 2015 during phase 1 of the "Flip the Switch-for Student Recreation" fee referendum.
The gym and auxiliary spaces are not available for drop in use.
Rental and reservation information can be obtained by contacting the Recreation Department Scheduling Officer.
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Rec Cen Fields

The Recreation Center Fields are located on Ocean Rd adjacent to the Recreation Center. The artificial turf surface and LED lighting makes them popular for myriad of events from Sport Clubs and Intramurals to Greek events and local team use. Field 1 is lined for soccer, Field 2 soccer and field hockey, Field 3 is an unlined warm up area and Field 4 features soccer and men's and women's lacrosse lines as well as stadium seating and a scoreboard. The fields can also easily accommodate ultimate frisbee and rugby games.
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Multi-Activity Court (MAC)

The Multi-Activity Court (MAC) is the most versatile facility at UCSB. It is separate from the main Rec Cen building and is located towards the back of the UCSB Rec Cen complex, to the left of Pavilion gymnasium. It is home to the Adventure Program office, a workout facility with cardio and weight training, a roller hockey rink, and a climbing wall affiliated with Adventure Programs. The MAC can host a number of sports including: roller hockey, indoor soccer, indoor lacrosse, basketball, and volleyball. The MAC is currently used for intramural soccer, club roller hockey, and lacrosse practice. When it is not being used for Sport Clubs or Intramural Sports, it is open for recreation. Normal operation Hours are the same as the main building.
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Tennis Courts

UCSB has three sets of tennis courts.
The Rec Cen Tennis Courts are located to the north of the Recreation Center off Mesa Rd.
The Stadium Tennis Courts are located near Harder Stadium on Stadium Rd.
The Rob Gym Tennis Courts are located between Rob Gym and Pauley Track.
All courts are used for intramural leagues, Exercise & Sport Studies classes, Intercollegiate Athletic Tennis, GauchoREC classes and rentals. The Rec Cen and Stadium courts have lights for nighttime use..
All UCSB tennis courts are open to UCSB students, staff & faculty only unless otherwise contracted thru the Department of Recreation.
Please contact the Department of Recreation Scheduling Officer for rental information.
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Sand Volleyball Courts

Two sand volleyball courts are located next to the Rec Cen in-between Rob Field and The Pit. The courts are used for Intramural Sport teams as well as open recreation. Operational hours are during periods of sunlight.
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Storke Field

Storke Field is located between El Colegio Rd and Harder Stadium. The large grass field hosts many events and is regularly used for soccer, flag football and softball. Storke hosts Intramural Sports, Sport Clubs, alumni events and can be rented by the community. Fields not reserved/ in use by others or closed for maintenance may be used by UCSB students on a drop in basis. All users must abide by posted signs and or adhere to instructions from field monitors. The field closes at sunset.
Storke Field will undergo a major renovation as phase 3 of the 'Flip the Switch - For Student Recreation' fee referendum. The majority of the fields will be converted to all weather synthetic turf. Project is due to be completed in late 2018 or early 2019.
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The Pit

The Pit also known as the Scrimmage Field is a natural grass field located between the baseball stadium and the track adjacent to parking lot 30. This field is home to the UCSB Men's & Women's Rugby teams as well as the UCSB Summer Day Camp.
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