recreation fitness + wellness programs

The Recreation Department's Fitness + Wellness programs offer research and evidence based health, performance, wellness, and fitness programs lead by nationally accredited, certified personal trainers. Our team of professionals help students, faculty, staff, and community members to reach their health and performance potential by providing outstanding education and coaching in the field of applied exercise science. Our motto - In the Gym, in the Classroom, on the Field of Play - embodies our dedication to helping individuals in the Santa Barbara community. We help build healthy and fit bodies and minds, and promote sustainable habits of excellence.

Personal Training

Nationally certified personal trainers provide one-on-one training to address your specific health and fitness goals. Our trainers stay ahead of the curve and utilize exercise modalities in order to minimize plateaus and help you realize your full potential.

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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy offers a host of positive benefits for your mental and physical well-being. In addition to carving time out to pamper yourself, massage promotes stress relief, better posture, improved circulation, lower blood pressure, relief from headaches and improves flexibility and range of motion.

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Nutrition Consulting

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, or RDN's, are the food and nutrition experts, who translate the science of nutrition into practical solutions for healthy living. We can help you reach the nutrition counseling you are seeking.

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Boot Camp

UCSB Boot Camp is designed to make you sweat! This is a high intensity experience that will challenge all fitness levels. Each class includes strength training, core conditioning, interval training, and flexibility work. No two workouts are the same. Each workout is designed to be challenging, but adaptable to all fitness levels.

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Olympic Weightlifting

The Department of Recreation is excited to introduce olympic lifting to the Recreation Center with two new platforms in Fitness Center West. The olympic weightlifting area is a monitored, controlled space that meet strict safety criterias where UCSB students and Recreation Center members may perform olympic weightlifting exercises.

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Targeted Group Personal Training

Our nationally certified personal trainers provide small group training, focusing on different training modalities to help you avoid mental and physical plateaus, inspire growth and change, and improve the way you move. Learn a new technique while having fun, meeting new friends, and achieving your health and fitness goals! Meets once per week. Classes vary by quarter.

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Faculty and Staff Wellness

Our certified fitness instructors lead regular fitness classes for UCSB faculty and staff. The program is designed specifically for the needs of campus employees and classes are subsidized by UC Office of the President.
Classes are open to UCSB employees only.

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UC WorkStrong Occupational Health Program

The UC WorkStrong Program is a UC campus-wide initiative that was created to help decrease the likelihood of subsequent injuries after an initial industrial injury (workers compensation claim). This Occupational Health & Wellness Program serves as a transfer of care upon physician referral. Eligible faculty or staff members who have experienced a worksite injury will be contacted directly. UC WorkStrong is covered completely through your workers compensation claim. Patients will receive a comprehensive program that is designed to meet their specific needs based on personal health goals, injury history, and special conditions. Our goal is to provide a fun and challenging environment for education, awareness, and improved health. 

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