• Lifeguards and Swim Instructors Wanted

  • Lifeguards   

  • Beach Camp Instructors for Jr. Guards and Surf & Kayak Camp   

  • Swim Instructors   

  • Pool Maintenance                                                                                    

     Join our Aquatics Team,  fill out the Aquatics Application and deliver to the Pool Office at the Rec Cen Pools or email it to Aquatics Coordinator, Rick Van Hoorn at rick-vh@ucsb.edu. Once you apply, you will be scheduled for a try-out at the Rec Cen Pools

Rec Cen Pools

The Recreation Center Aquatics Complex is available to registered UCSB students, Rec Cen members and day-pass holders.

  • Day pass entry is $15 ($8 children, $10 teens) and can be purchased at the Rec Cen front desk.
  • During the academic year (September-May), children are allowed entry only on weekends and must be accompanied by a Rec Cen Member (other restrictions apply, please see Child Use Policies on the Rec Cen Info page).
  • During the summer, non-members (community) may bring children every day with a day pass or Summer Family Membership purchase.
  • Children must always be accompanied by an adult.
  • Safety protocol requires that all pools/spas remain closed for 30 minutes from the last lightning/thunder event.

See guidelines for other restrictions in the Child Use Policies available in the Downloads Section on the Rec Cen Info page.

Pool Schedules

Regular Hours

Monday-Thursday – 6:30am-9:00pm

Friday – 6:30am-8:30pm
Saturday – 9:00am-8:30pm
Sunday – 9:00am-8:30pm

See Recreation Center Hours for closures and reduced hours.

Long Course Swimming (50 meters) available:
Weekdays – 6:30am-8:00am and 7:30pm-9:00pm
Weekends – All Day as available


  • Gaucho Masters Swim. Join coaches John Abrami and Mark Stori for a motivating, organized, skill-building workout at the RecCen Pools. M-F noon - 1pm + Mon & Wed 5:30-6:30pm   Monthly and Quarterly rates available Sign up online, click on the "Register Here" button above.
  • WE DO NOT ALLOW DIAPERS OR SWIM DIAPERS IN THE POOLS.  If your child is not fully "potty-trained" please do not bring them into the pools.
  • One breath, One Length*, One Time. (*25 yds or Less) We enforce a "no prolonged breath-holding" policy in our pools. As a student access, multi-use aquatic facility we do not allow hyperventilating, repeated breath holding (static or while swimming) nor hypoxic training.

Aquatics "Fun Facts"

The Rec Cen Pools & Spa total over 1,300,000 gallons of water.

Lap swimming lanes are available 97 hours per week.

28 Short Course Lanes
available most of the day.

The bulkhead in the large pool weighs over 1 ton when dry; it can be inflated, floated and repositioned 90 degrees to its primary location.

The Variable Speed Drive motors that operate the Pool circulation system are programmed to run at lower RPMs overnight to save energy and money. 

The small pool was struck by lightening in Fall 2015 (no one was present, whew) and caused two areas of damage to pool plaster. That is why we close the pools, spa and showers during electrical storms.

The Large and the Small Pools were originally opened in 1995 and were fully remodeled in 2009. Pools were drained, re-plastered and lighting rewired. The concrete decks were fully rebuilt.

The Recreation Aquatics facilities employ over 95 UCSB students as either Guards or Swim Instructors.

Thank you to CMC Rescue who has kindly donated a new ADA lift cover to the Rec Cen pools, free of charge.

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Large Pool

  • 50-meter x 25-yard x 30-meter "L" pool
  • Diving Well featuring one 1-meter and one 3-meter diving boards
  • Long Course = 8 lanes
  • Short Course = 14 lanes
  • ADA Lift
  • Min Depth = 4'
  • Max Depth = 17'
  • Pool temp = ~80°

Small Pool

  • 25-yard pool with attached 0-3 foot depth teaching area
  • ADA access ramp
  • ADA Lift
  • Short Course = 9 lanes
  • Min Depth = 2.5'
  • Max Depth = 4'
  • Temp = ~82° 


  • Capacity = 17
  • Temp = ~102°
  • ADA Lift

Campus Pool

  • Campus Pool = 50-meter x 25-yard
  • Diving Tank with one 1-meter and one 3-meter diving board.
  • Temp = ~80°

Aquatics Contact

Debbie Miles-Dutton 
(805) 893-7616