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Alison Parakh, MS, CSCS, USAW

Alison has over 12 years of experience as a Strength and Conditioning Coach at the collegiate level. Having earned both B.S. and M.S. degrees in Physical Education from the University of Oregon, Alison has developed a lifelong passion for physical fitness. During her years in the fitness and wellness industry, Alison has come to specialize in the development of programs for athletes ranging from the high school to college level. In addition to her experience working with athletes, Alison is equally enthusiastic about helping “non-athletes” reach their fitness goals. Alison’s approach varies according to her client’s needs, but generally includes a blend of total-body strength training, conditioning, flexibility, and nutrition counseling. She holds the Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist credential from the National Strength and Conditioning Association as well as the Level One Coaching Certification from USA Weightlifting. Alison indeed practices what she preaches: she personally enjoys running, lifting weights, playing soccer, and getting outdoors as often as possible to hike or cycle.

Caitie Wippermann, MS, CSCS, PNC, USATF&FL

For over 8 years, Caitie has worked as both a Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach. Originally from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, Caitie attended the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse as both an undergraduate and then as a graduate student. During college, Caitie was an elite sprinter on the Track & Field team, qualifying for the National Championships 11 times and was also a 4-time All-American. Caitie’s life has revolved around training herself and others to become faster, stronger, healthier, and overall more athletic and functional. She has had the opportunity to work with athletes ranging from 7 to 80 years old, from beginners to professional athletes in multiple sports, including several international students at IMG Academy in Bradenton, FL. Caitie has worked with top professional athletes in Major League Baseball, USA Track & Field, and NFL Combine Preparation. Through these experiences, she truly understands the need to design individualized training plans, based on the unique needs of her clients. Caitie specializes in teaching correct lifting and movement technique as well as speed development. She also realizes the importance and implementation of proper nutrition. Professional Highlights Include a Master of Science degree in Human Performance, Strength & Conditioning Emphasis as well as a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Sport Science with a Strength & Conditioning Concentration. She is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association, a Track and Field Level 1 Coach (USA Track & Field), and certified through Ignite 360 (Ignite Performance, IMG Academy). In addition, Caitie is pursuing a nutrition certification through Precision Nutrition. In addition to teaching classes and training private clients, Caitie also coaches high school track and field. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and being on the water.

Casey Iacobellis, CPT, CHC

Casey Iacobellis graduated from UCSB in 2013. She currently has her Personal Training Certification from NASM and is working on her Health Coach, Weight Loss, and Behavior Change specializations. Casey’s background includes endurance running, softball, and high intensity interval training. As someone who struggled with their weight throughout childhood, she is dedicated to helping her clients learn how to live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle through exercise and healthy eating habits.



Elyse Warnecke, HFC, CWC

Elyse became a certified Health Fitness Specialist (HFS) through American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and a Health and Wellness Coach (HWC) in June of 2011. Her areas of interest and expertise include: injury prevention, corrective exercise and post rehabilitation, postural improvements, mindfulness, strength, stabilization, core and balance training, somatics, gyrokinesis, hiking, swimming, skating, acroyoga, dancing, and rebound fitness. Before her fitness certification, she received her B.S. in Chemistry (Geology minor) from UCSB, where she worked as a scientist for years before realizing how much she missed and enjoyed classes. It was at that point when she decided to go back to school to pursue a degree in Exercise Science. Elyse has always been interested in overall wellness, and was curious as to what could motivate people to make their health and well-being a priority, while making it easier and more joyful to maintain optimal health! "I noticed that as much as we all would like to take great care of ourselves, most people have a difficult time maintaining a healthy lifestyle over the long term. It’s not always easy or fun to maintain good eating habits, exercise regularly and engage in healthy behaviors... I wanted to rediscover that child-like excitement I used to feel about going outside to play (essentially exercise), instead of feeling apprehensive at times, like I had to drag myself to the gym because ‘I should’, or force myself to cook a healthy meal because ‘it’s good for me’. I have always enjoyed being active and eating healthy, so if someone like me felt a lack of motivation at times, I struggle to imagine the dread those who do not enjoy healthy behaviors must feel! I’ve learned there is so much more than just the desire to be healthy, because truthfully that’s important to us all, but so few consistently maintain good health (current statistics reveal that about 1/3 of US adults are obese, and another 1/3 are overweight, and 7 out of 10 do not exercise regularly!!!). It’s more than just knowing how to eat and exercise: it’s about discovering what truly motivates you, what encourages you to continually make healthy choices lifelong. My goal as a health and fitness professional is to help people discover those deeper motivations that are compelling enough to keep us engaged in healthy behaviors!"

Fabian Ortiz, CPT

Fabian obtained a degree from UC Santa Barbara in Exercise and Sport Studies with an emphasis in Personal Fitness and is a Certified Personal Trainer. His passion for fitness first started in his high school wrestling team, where his coaches emphasized weightlifting, cardiovascular exercise and endurance, which helped him to be in the best shape of his life. He brings this passion into his work and trains his clients with many of these principles, in an effort to help them achieve their maximum physical potential. Fabian is bilingual in English and Spanish and also specializes in post rehabilitation for special populations.

Joseph Cuaderno, CPT

As a Health and Performance Specialist with UCSB’s Gaucho Pulse Program, Joseph's enthusiastic attitude toward Health and Wellness signifies his passion to support people in attaining their individual fitness goals. In high school, Joseph developed a deep connection to physical fitness via his participation in 4 varsity sports: Football, Volleyball, Baseball, and Wrestling, along with many outdoor adventure sports including: Surfing, Rock-climbing, and Skateboarding. He was offered scholarships to play Intercollegiate volleyball, but instead decided to pursue education where he attended the University of California at Santa Cruz and the University of California at Santa Barbara. At UCSB, he earned his Bachelors degree in Psychology and Sports Management. While studying at UC Santa Barbara, Joseph interned as a strength and coach for the UCSB Athletic Performance Center where he learned to train athletes, develop workout programs, and implement corrective exercise. After receiving the Intern of The Year award at the UCSB Athletic Performance Center, Joseph went on to attain his Personal Training Certification through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Very soon after, he started an internship at UCSB Health & Wellness where he was mentored by personal trainers, registered dietitians, and group fitness instructors, which lead him to the position he holds today with Gaucho Pulse.

Joshua Rodezno, CPT

Josh is a UCSB graduate and Certified Personal Trainer, who's journey with fitness began with the improvement of the overall sports performance for his high school's soccer program. He went on to play soccer at a collegiate level before becoming a NASM certified personal trainer. Josh enjoys working with a diversity of individuals, offering his support with weight loss, sports performance, strength, and general health and fitness goals. Josh brings a friendly, supportive demeanor to his workouts, while at the same time he is passionate about motivating and challenging his clients to become stronger versions of themselves in every sense of the word.

Ryan Gage, CPT

Ryan is a graduate of UCSB's Exercise and Sports Studies minor with dual emphases in Personal Training and Group Fitness Instruction. Ryan has experience training a variety of populations from pre and post-physical rehab, to those devoted exercisers who need a push to get to the next level of physical fitness. Ryan's fitness background includes; resistance and cardiovascular training, Pilates, cycling, HIIT, and over ten years of dance training. As a trainer, Ryan works with her clients to help them maintain healthier lives through exercise. She will work with you to develop a program that is both challenging enough to improve your fitness level, and fun enough that you'll want to work out everyday.



Erika Lilley, MS, CSCS, USAT

Erika has been a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) for 8 years and has over 12 years of additional coaching experience. She specializes in sports-specific training and rehab for clients of all- ages. She is also a USAT (USA Triathlon) certified coach and has competed in 8 Ironman Competitions and hundreds of other endurance races over the last 12 years. She is most currently certified in Nutrition through the Precision Nutrition program and can help you get a well- rounded training routine by including elements of effective exercise, nutrition, and recovery.

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