Olympic Weightlifting

The Department of Exercise Sport Studies and Recreation is excited to introduce Olympic lifting to the Recreation Center with two new platforms in Fitness Center West. The Olympic lifting area is a monitored, controlled space where UCSB students and Recreation Center members may perform Olympic Weightlifting exercises after meeting certain safety criteria. Patrons wishing to utilize the Olympic Weightlifting Platform Area must be “authorized” by one of our nationally accredited certified personal trainers prior to utilizing the platform area.

Private and Semi-Private Coaching

Olympic Weightlifting classes, as well as private and semi-private Personal Training sessions taught by UCSB Recreation Department Gaucho Pulse NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists and Level 1 USAW Coaches are available for those interested in learning and perfecting this sport. For more information and to schedule an appointment, please e-mail findyourfit@recreation.ucsb.edu.

Olympic Lifting Platform Access

- Olympic lifting platforms are restricted to patrons who have been authorized by UCSB Campus Recreation.
- To make an appointment to take the free UCSB Recreation Authorization Skills Test, please visit the Fitness Center West Desk to sign-up. The southwest platform will be reserved for Skills Test authorization appointments during scheduled times. To learn more about programs to develop Olympic Weightlifting skills and technique, please e-mail findyourfit@recreation.ucsb.edu.
- Authorization Skills Testing occur quarterly during posted times.
- Patron must read the FC2 Olympic Weightlifting Area Manual and complete the 3- page Policies, Safety, and Liability Protocol Packet prior to taking the Skills Test and utilizing the Olympic Weightlifting Platform Area.
- Authorized patron must check-in at the Fitness Center West (FC2) Desk with their UCSB/Recreation Center ID card to gain access to the Olympic Weightlifting platforms.
- Patrons must visibly display the designated “Authorized User” Olympic Lifting Green Placard on the hooks on the mirror in front of the platforms when performing Olympic lifts. Placards are non-transferable and must be checked out individually at the Fitness Center West Desk.

Using the Lifting Platforms

- Patron must be "authorized" prior to gaining access to the Olympic Weight Lifting platforms in the Recreation Center.
- To reserve a platform, patrons may sign up on a waiting list at the FC2 counter.
- There is a 45 min time limit for patrons using the Platform Area, please allow others to work in.
- Bumper plates and Olympic Weightlifting bars may ONLY be used for Olympic Weightlifting in the Olympic Weightlifting area.
- Chalk is strictly prohibited. However, 1-2 drops of Liquid Grip is allowed.
- A maximum of six authorized patrons may use the Olympic Weightlifting area at a time (3 authorized patrons per platform).
- Only one Olympic bar is permitted per platform at any given time. Both men's and women's bars are available.
- Campus Recreation staff reserve the right to modify or prohibit any exercise deemed unsafe or inappropriate for the platform area.
- Damage to platforms or equipment due to misuse will be the responsibility of the patron.

Lifting Safety

- Exercises/lifts other than Olympic Weightlifting lifts and Olympic lifting specific warm-up exercises are not allowed when utilizing the platform area. Clean Pulls and Snatch Pulls are allowed. Deadlifts are not permitted.
- Collars must be used at all times. Partners waiting for their turn in the lifting rotation must stand to the rear of the platform, closest to the dumbbells, with their attention focused towards the active lifter.
- Olympic weightlifting platform users must face the south wall while performing lifts.
- Walking or standing in front of a lifter as they are preparing to lift is distracting to the lifter and a breach of weightlifting etiquette.
- All bumpers, plates, and collars are to be cleared from the bar and put back in the proper location (bumper plates organized from lightest to heaviest, left to right) at the conclusion of the workout.
- Spotting in the Olympic Weightlifting Area is strictly prohibited.
- Shoes must be worn at all times.
- Authorized assisted warm-up exercises are: clean pulls, Romanian deadlifts, jerks, snatch pulls, push presses, overhead squats, and front squats.
- Use of vertically stacked weight plates to create a heightened pulling base is prohibited.
- Campus Recreation staff reserve the right to modify or prohibit any exercise deemed unsafe or inappropriate for the platform area.
- The Olympic Weightlifting Skills Test procedures cannot be bypassed for any reason.