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Brandon Cope, CMT

Brandon Cope is a local of Santa Barbara living here most of his life. In his free time he enjoys, playing beach volleyball with the city league, hiking in the mountains, wine tasting, camping, scuba diving or anything with the smell of adventure. Brandon studied at Santa Barbara Body Therapy Institute for his massage certification and is an avid learner of new techniques to relieve pain such as NeuroKinetic Therapy and Anatomy in Motion. From professional athletes, to movie producers, to students at UCSB, there are few people or problems that Brandon hasn't worked with, but he's always excited for new challenges and ways to improve your health.

Jeff Yost

With over 13 years of experience as a massage therapist, Jeff uses a variety of techniques to customize each massage treatment, especially as it pertains to rehabilitation work. Early on, Jeff encountered many injuries and was never happy with the treatment options offered to him by way of traditional doctors. Believing that there was a better way to heal, Jeff began his studies in bodywork, and has been practicing these techniques for over a decade. Through his own recovery from injuries, Jeff was inspired to heal others, “The body is designed to heal itself. I help to promote this within all my clients. I have studied and practiced many modalities of bodywork. I also teach massage training classes. I have a gift for finding the point of the dysfunction, which will get you on the road to fast recovery.” Jeff works holistically, involving the entire body’s health systems, in order to help his clients heal and prevent future damage from occurring. His goal is to get clients back to health. Jeff specializes in: chronic pain, sports injury, repetitive stress injury, limited range of motion, etc.

Margarita Torres, MS, RD, CMT, CPT
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