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National Championships: 2001, 2003, 2004

About the Team

About the team:

 What’s good everyone we’re the UCSB Ski and Snowboard Team, also known as the Snow team, and we are by far the biggest and most rad club sport on campus.  Every year we rent a cabin for the entire season where you can store all your equipment and never have to worry about constantly transporting it.  Along with the cabin we get hooked up with super good discounts on season passes and gear. 

We don't just shred, we compete too! Just last year we took first in Men's Alpine and Freestyle skiing, first in Women's Alpine and Freestyle skiing, took 3rd in Men's Snowboarding, 2nd in Women's Snowboarding, and 1st overall team in the USCSA Southwest League.  We even sent eight athletes to Lake Placid New York for Nationals. But don’t fret too much about competing, our team consists of people of all skill levels so you’ll always have someone to ride with.  We welcome any and all who have a passion for skiing or snowboarding. Our goal is to have as much fun as we can and ride as hard as humanly possible!

Disciplines We Compete In:

SkierCross, BoarderCross, Skier/Boarder Giant Slalom, Ski Slalom, Skier/Boarder Half-Pipe, Skier/Boarder Slopestyle

Mission Statement:

Our goal as the UCSB Ski and Snowboard Team is to provide an enjoyable and safe environment in which students attending the University of California Santa Barbara have optimal access to competitive and recreational snow sports. Optimizing the time students spend on the snow allows them to learn the fun of competing and riding with peers, fostering successful winter competition seasons as well as healthy student relationships. No Experience Necessary!
Compete in the USCSA Southwest conference

  •   Compete in the USCSA Southwest conference
  • Events include: SkierX/BoarderX, Giant Slalom, Slalom, Slopestyle, and Half-Pipe
  • We go to mammoth every weekend we can of the season, team member days on the mountain can range from 10-40 days
  • Enjoy sponsorship and discounts from dozens of top brands
  • No tryouts necessary, we accept all members regardless of skill level
  • If you love to snowboard, ski, or just want to have a white Winter/Spring quarter, email us for more information at or check out our Facebook page at

League Information:

Join the Team

Open to full-time, fee paying UCSB students.

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Alex Labass

Mateo Delucchi

Oliver Fahrner