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The UCSB Recreation Center opened in 1995 and has been one of the most popular spots on campus ever since. The original Rec Center has two swimming pools, two gymnasia, two weight rooms, two squash courts and five racquetball courts. The Rec Cen Expansion (Rec Cen II) was approved by students in Spring 2000 and opened in the Spring of 2005. The expansion includes an additional weight room, multi-purpose gym, climbing wall, jacuzzi, pottery studio, classroom and additional locker facilities.

The Rec Cen has continually honored its initial promise of always allowing for drop in recreation use. For instance, students can be participating in a weight training class in one of the weight rooms while the others remain open for use on a drop in basis.

The Recreation Center Governance Board sets facility policies and approves special request use.

Note: Please view policy information available in the 'downloads' section for specifics regarding adult and child entrance policies.
Access to the Recreation Center to children under the age of 18 is limited and strictly enforced. See for details.

Children under 18 years of age must submit the following documents signed by their parent or legal guardian prior to entrance to the Rec Cen (No Exceptions).

Rec Cen Contact Information

Building Manager
Bruce Hansen
(805) 893-7618

Aquatics Director
Debbie Miles-Dutton
(805) 893-7616

Facilities & Operations
Al Cerda
(805) 893-7620

Front Desk
(805) 893-7619

Cashier's Office
(805) 893-3738

Equipment Room
(805) 893-7620

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