Frequently Asked Questions

What is your cancellation policy?
Please cancel your appointment at least 24 hours in advance by using your email confirmation or by
calling (805)893-3552

Is there a place at UCSB to get a Money Order?
If your bank cannot issue you a money order, the basement of the University Center has a post office
and they can issue a money order for a small fee. They only accept cash for the money order.

Why should I get a passport card?
A passport book is required for international travel, however purchasing a passport card in addition to a
book has some benefits. Like a passport book, a passport card is considered a Real ID and can be used
for domestic travel, but is wallet sized and convenient to carry. Having a passport card in addition to a
passport book while traveling internationally allows you to have an additional proof of citizenship on
you in an emergency, especially since often the passport book is left securely in a hotel safe.
Read more about the Real ID Act here: (when you click on here the link opens in another window)

Are both parents required to be present at an appointment for minors (under age 16)?
Yes, both parents need to be present at the appointment. In the case that one parent cannot make it, a
notarized form (DS-3053), and a front and back copy of a driver's license needs to be provided on one
sheet and side of paper. Download the Information Form for U.S. Passport Applications for Children
Under Age 16

What if I got married or have a name change?
Sometimes a name change can be done by mail, sometimes you must submit a DS-11 in person. To find
out what the requirements are, click here

How does an applicant check the status of their application?
Applicants may check the status of their pending passport application by calling the National Passport
Information Center at (877) 487-2778. They can also track their application status online approximately
one week after submission. Click here.