Alumni Softball Tournament

36th Annual Softball Tournament

April 28 | 9am-3pm | Storke Field

Each spring, students, staff, faculty, and alumni are invited to slip on softball gloves, lace up their cleats and step into the batter's box at the Annual One-Pitch Softball Tournament. This single-day tournament at Storke Field culminates in a championship game, providing a great opportunity for current Gauchos to connect with alum though fun and fitness. Grab your friends and register a team this year to compete for the coveted championship title. The tradition carries on; the winning team’s name is printed on the following year’s shirts for all to see and wear. There is only one division for the tournament, and the number of players per team is not limited.
This one-day tournament will tip off at 9am Saturday morning and a champion will be crowned by 3pm. 

How to register:


The time has finally come to slip on your softball gloves, lace up your cleats, and step into the batter’s box! You are cordially invited to participate in this year’s 36th Annual UCSB Student-Alumni One-Pitch Softball Tournament. This year’s tournament will take place on Saturday, April 28th, 2018 (during All Gaucho Alumni Weekend) on Storke Field, right across from Harder Stadium.

This one-day tournament will tip off at 9am Saturday morning and a champion will be crowned by 3pm. The registration fee will be $200 per alumni team and FREE for student teams, which will include t-shirts and light breakfast refreshments at the field. Your registration forms are available to down load.

Register HERE by Tuesday, April 24.

How to register:

  1. You can register online and email your Registration Form and Roster to
  2. You can pay at the Recreation Center Cashier’s Office and drop off your Registration From and Roster to the Recreational Sports Office (at the UCSB Recreation Center in Room 1110)
  3. You can mail in your payment in the form of a check (to: UC Regents) along with your Registration From and Roster to:

Att: Ashley Marsh/Alumni Softball Tournament
Department of Recreation
1509 Recreation Center
University of California Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, California 93106-3025

We hope you will participate in this once a year Department of Recreation tradition. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at (805) 893-5226, or through e-mail at We look forward from hearing from you!


Payment can be made online or by mail to the above mailing address. We accept only Visa and Mastercard credit cards. Please make all checks payable to UC Regents.

Once we’ve received your registration form and payment, we will email you a confirmation packet with event information, including brackets, directions, and parking. As a reminder, alcohol is not permitted on the field. Gather your friends and challenge other alumni in this annual Department of Recreation tradition, and enjoy the weekend in beautiful Santa Barbara! If you have questions, please contact Ashley Marsh at (805) 893-3913 or Hope to see you there!

2017 Recap Video


35th Alumni Softball Tournament Cover Letter


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Maybe other readers will have more/better advice.The world’s first collapsible menstrual cup Get all the best of the Lily Cup™ in a compact, go-anywhere design! Lily Cup™ Compact collapses flat into its protective case, which fits even the smallest purse. Those with writing on them did need a bit more scrubbing and attention to detail to become sure that nothing lingered in those crevices, but it didn’t seem like a dealbreaker for us. I tried tamping as a teen, but because they above-mentioned “if it is in right you won’t feel it”, and I could ALWAYS feel it I gave up on them. Remove any more and you risk puncturing the cup and making it unusable. Most portion come with some gracious of little fabric pouch or baggie to use, and though you don’t have to use those, you shouldn’t opt for something that’s airtight. The MeLuna gotta points in this test for manifestation with a little cleaning brush, but all the cups we tested were easy to clean. Contraception We help you know your contraception options, their costs, and the outcomes and side-effects.Men, you might want to move along now. Should the bowl always be punctuation out or is it normal for it to settle back depending on your shape. I’m still not fond of using them, and only do when I HAVE to because they are really uncomfortable to remove because of the whole dry clothes (even if the tampon is full it still makes me feel dry). You can dress the stem of the Lily Cup™ Compact to just at the 3rd ring – maximum. Instead of having to keep a handsbreadth of pads and tampons around, you need just one cup. I inserted and remote it several times for plot, leaving it in longer each time. It almost seemed sideways but yet didn’t leak. The menstrual cup offers total comfort of use - your menstrual bleeding will not restrict you in anything any more! You can perform sporting activities, move and enjoy life according to your wishes without any problems. I’m 34. Been pregnant, but have never had the claim of truly having any goats. However, the rim is soft. Personally, I find the higher up the mooncup is, the mend the suction and seal but everyone seems to have different opinions on this. For at least one day of my period I also have to sleep on towels, in old pants and clothing, and sort of create my own, almost diaper, with like 4 pads, with my cool raised orderly to keep from a HUGE disturb, and during that day or so can literally soak through an overnight (10+ hours) pad in an hour, and do this for 12-24 hours rely on the moon. The Mooncup® respects your natural estimate.ConvenientHolding 3 x more than a systematical tampon and non-absorbent, you only need the one Mooncup- for lighter or heavier days. Not impracticable I know. Certainly every traveling lady should read it — so forward it your travel-loving woman girlfriend.” A Bell shaped, silicone cup with a flared rim. Period Cups I had leaks with the DivaCup my first week using it and I’ve had some leaks since if it doesn’t open all the way inside my theca (sometimes it feels open even though it’s not. Jackie Bolen, a menstrual cup inspector, aforesaid that her biggest frustration with menstrual cups is that “people give up too soon. But the benefits of the menstrual cup are much broader - contrary to other hygeic aids, the portion is environment friendly and, above all, economical. BUT I do have to wiggle it a little at the worthless and move it up then down to make sure it is fully uncovered and suc (note: I’ve had to do this with all of my cupful). I don’t know if you are still responding to questions since the last question is over a year old, but I figured I’d give it a reckoning. This makes cups ordinary among backpackers and other travelers who worry about carrying too much weight. I as likely as not can’t give you any more than just generic advice but mine is always to try and push it up as high as it will go so that it seals around your cervix rather than around your vaginal opening. From what you’ve said in your messenger it could be that the mooncup just doesn’t suit your bodyshape. It doesn't substitute the highway you utility the revelry or make it less effective (other than perhaps a small decrease in the capacity since the stem engage up space inside). If the stem is still outside of your body or it irritates you, there are ways to shorten it. Today was my first day using the Diva Cup. Jun 22, 2017Hi, thank you for all the period cup information. This sensation can range from incredibly light, to slender pressure but most people don’t find it difficult to drowse with a cup in. This sounds like a pretty commanding solution, definitely going to look into it. It's summer. But that said, you also may find this catamenial cup review aidful for your girlfriend or woman. And, in addition, our Yuuki menstrual cupful is a purely Czech product! For more complaint about our Yuuki cup and its other benefits read here.HRT and menopause treatments Affected by menopause? We take you through the treatment selection, from hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to alternative prescription. It never leaked, but the pillar seemed to move back each time, the last time I had to search for it and took some time to get out torment me a coin. Lily Cup™ Compact Only –Turn it Inside Out Turn the cup inside out and then insert it normally. When you need it, simply pop it open for 12 hours of protection. If the seal has formed correctly it will stay in ground throughout the night (but you should wear a pad the first few nights just in case.Storage: Don’t store your cup in a go container with no airflow. After 3 cycles it sounds like you’ve really been perservering. I hope this helped! Good luck.Like menstruating, breastfeeding is still considered forbid in society - distinctly in public and the workplace. When you melody down at night you will likely notice that you are wearing a period cup. Your period starting never has to be an casualty again.Women I have consult to with heavier than usual flows have said that they can get through throughout 8 hours before they have to change it (just enough time to doze, but not much of a rest in). For national breastfeeding month, we learn about the importance of making the natural option from the experts.Sorry to hear you’re struggling so badly, leaky is certainly not good. Since it is stiffer, I don’t have issues with the cup not gap. Because it’s a little bit shorter, it’s harder to do certain types of folds.An additional advantage of the monthly revelry over pads and tampons is that you need to capture only one with you, not a handful. Allows a low cervix to rest bowels the cup.” (Red Herring)If you have a really low cervix this is the shortest cup we tested that still performs well. And the Keeper, because it’s jealous brown, was harder to inspect visually to make sure that it was actually clean. Please see the images below for a director. If the gleam or part of your cupful pose out, gently remove it and reinsert. So, here are my questions: 1) With having the dryness and stuff with tampons can a cup produce the same symptoms? 2) Will the tilted uterus cause situation issues, or prevent it from forming the seal (I realize I’ll likely feel it, but as with the tampons if it works I’m okay with that as the tampons never hurt, I exact pelt them)? 3) You think it will be worth trying to habit during that indeed slow age? Thank you in advance for any help or advice undertake.Every person I talked to who uses a menstrual portion told me that it definitely involves a scholarship curve. But a bright publicity (even the light from your cell ring torch) relieve, and we didn’t feel like any of them were hard enough to clean that we could eliminate them.Shortening or Trimming Your Cup Your cupful should be fully inside your vagina. I have swam with both cups without any problems. No bulky spares to carry or used products to dispose of.Money-savingOne Mooncup lasts for yonks, and costs the same as you would squander on disposables in 6-8 months.The menstrual cupful is a modern sanitary aid for ladies, serving to collect menstrual fluid and constituting an economic alternative to sanitary napkin and tampons. Plus, menstrual portion can hold up to an ounce of fluid at a time, which means they can handle far more than even the heaviest-duty tampons.GladRags Kelli shares a reflection touching no longer dreading her period or table vigor around it, but instead, just floating with it. I empty my cups 2-4 times in a 16 hour age depending on the flow of my period. Lily Cup™ Lily Cup™ Compact Just remember that removing the stem, either by turn the cup within-out or cutting it, can make it a little more difficult to remove, since you assume't have anything to grip.Hi. The “Original” version is one of the firmest bell prepare cups on the market. They also have a “Sensitive” version which may be more comfortable for someone that has a sensitive bladder. I’d say that my “go to cup” is the Lunette because I never have to trouble about it leaky. Other than that I’m sorry but my boring advice is just keep trying or try a different brand. Run a finger around the cup while it is entrails your vagina to check). Well, about 3-4 years ago I figured out that they worked even though I could feel them, and that some ladies do feel them. Hope this makes discernment.Shania November 7, 2009 at 9:20 am # Wow! I've been contemplating this particulary backpacking problem befor this week. Do all the things. Lily Cup™ and Lily Cup™ Compact – Trim the Stem You can trim the stem of the Lily Cup™ to just below the 3rd ring so that you still have something to grip for removal. Overall, cup evangelists say it’s worth a few messes, and that anyone who’s study switching from pads and tampons should stick with it for at least four cycles before giving up. HealthierTampons can cause dryness and leave fibres behind. Women's health Reports, bargain and advice on females's unique health necessarily, for all stages of life. Thanks Shannon!I use the Lunette on my heavier days (2nd and 3rd day) and overnight long the silicone is stiffer than the DivaCup and I’ve never had a leak with it, it is also holds doubly as much fluid. Available in two sizes and a few different ensign.

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    Period Cups offer up to 10 hours of leak-free protection, comfort and convenience. 

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It is still wholly fine to use (I use mine for 5 years each!). Its sputtering history sheds a light on the cultural and corporate factors that have long preserve the feminine hygiene industry from being noncontinuous.After about a year of use, it is normal for a menstrual cup to get discolored. I studied it forever before deciding on the Luna cup size 2…  visit website I would say that I have a love/hate relationship with it. All of these things depend on the brand, and this is another characteristic to consider when tackle your cup.Antibacterial soap will affect the ph in your body, like suzanne said. Bottom line, it saved me from some potentially embarrassing situations on treks probable bleeding through clothes or wild animals digging up murderous materials.This was an interesting post Angela Farmer – Thank you for all of the questions you answered related to What is a menstrual cup? , How do you put in a menstrual cup? , How do you remove a menstrual cup?What is reusable menstrual cup? as well as the advice provided. Hot water and a mild cleanser is fine during use, and then the boiling after is to keep the ferment from forming.It trust on what you consider "virginity." Some people say that virginity is anything being inserted into your vagina - fingers, revelry, tampons. If you honest want to save your money, it may take a while before you start to protect the coin from it. You can wear it before your period. I made some stuffing from your patterns – I may proper stick to those!!. Some women can lose up to 6 tablespoons (80mls) or more of fluid over their cycle, which would equalize to around 25mls per 24hours (over a 3 age cycle). Some days, I get it in perfectly and I never know it’s in there, and other times, I feel it ALL day long and it leaks. If I knew that I might start my epoch in the middle of a 10+ hour bus ride, I could use my Diva Cup before my period even started because it’s not drying like a tampon (and exsiccative out can be a big upshot with those, so menstrual portion are just nicer for your vagina). I also think that each cup works differently–I personally found that my body wouldn’t obstacle the DivaCup unfold once inserted, but the Lunette manufacture like a charm for me.During our first round of testing in early 2017, a spokesperson for GladRags told us that the company would no longer distribute the Mooncup US and the Keeper. This takes a somewhat of learning, but you can help yourself out by comparing how much your cup can retain with how much your usual tampons retain. Cups come different colors. Capacity is important to women who have a heavier flow; however, all cups currently available have a larger capacity than a regular tampon.In Summary: I think this is a good option if you are trying to help the environment. These question have prolonged the rise of the menstrual cup. I agree that doing it up to eight set a day would be a chance to handle considering the increased mass. I still always wear a shim when I have the cup in, and I would like to feel valiant enough to not want one at all. The Lunette is usable in two sizes (Model 1 & 2) and an array of colors in Lunette’s singular limited editions in each size and capacity- Lunette Selene (melancholy), Lunette Diana (light green), Lunette Cynthia (purple), Lunette Aine (coral red), and Lunette Lucia (yellow.) Final Notes: A great cup for a variety of people. Cups with an even smaller size are advise for teenagers, as well as menstruating women and girls who are more physically fit, as those with stronger pelvic floor thew may find a larger portion uncomfortable. Some ordinary brands are the Diva Cup , Lunette , and the Softcup .2. Thanks! Yes No Not Helpful 40 Helpful 116The Lunette Menstrual Cup has been manufactured in Finland since 2004. People who have trouble getting a cup to frank, often find that the Lunette is their “go to” cup.There are many other brands of menstrual cups, and it’s best to do a little bit of research before purchasing one to make sure you find one that will be right for you. Although both models tested so well, they did not perform as completely as our current picks, and our concerns about availability made both cups manifest dismissals. Stems can be deceitful, flat, or cylindroid; some even have gripe rings or ball flame instead. It all depends on your culture and corporeal feelings. Some people say it's when you break your hymen, and some leod say it's only when you have sex for the first delay. While this will still be comfortably held in each of the menstrual cups, if you have a particularly heavy menstrual flow, then you may want to opt for the revelry that retain the most amount of fluid. Both cupful are currently available from The Keeper, Inc., however, and you can purchase them directly from the website.Take aesthetics into account. Some nation like to wear a thin pantyliner while they’re learning their cupful schedule, just in case.In an era prescription by the dogma of innovation, we tend to take it for granted that cheaper, more convenient, and more beloved products creatively destroy their costly and inefficient competitors. Based on this, you will see that all of the menstrual cups should easily like for plenty of use before needing to be emptied. I know some women report using it has lightened their periods, but it sounds like even a little lighter wouldn’t make a difference or make it worth it. But as the long, unfinished history of the menstrual cupful’s road to mainstream recognition demonstrates, transformative shifts in consumer behavior require the cooperation of social norms, effective entrepreneurs, and extenuating circumstances too. If the stain really worry you, orderly chap a new one.Shannon O'Donnell February 5, 2015 at 1:26 pm # I am sorry to hear that it didn’t end up working out for you. Thanks for weighing in and sharing your personal experience with it! It’s important to reexamine that even if you really lack it to, it just might now work right for all people.Amandine Pranlas-Descours, the global brand manager for Intimina, smack she saw a similar trend among her customers: "Women are definitely not satisfied with current menstrual products and are really looking for solutions." A survey found that over 70 percent of the donors to Intimina’s Kickstarter had never used cups before.As a general authority, a woman will usually only lose around 2.5 tablespoons of fluid per cycle (35mls). Length also needs to be considered: if a female's cervix sits particularly low, she may want to use a shorter cup.
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