Alumni Softball Tournament

36th Annual Softball Tournament

April 28 | 9am-3pm | Storke Field

Each spring, students, staff, faculty, and alumni are invited to slip on softball gloves, lace up their cleats and step into the batter's box at the Annual One-Pitch Softball Tournament. This single-day tournament at Storke Field culminates in a championship game, providing a great opportunity for current Gauchos to connect with alum though fun and fitness. Grab your friends and register a team this year to compete for the coveted championship title. The tradition carries on; the winning team’s name is printed on the following year’s shirts for all to see and wear. There is only one division for the tournament, and the number of players per team is not limited.
This one-day tournament will tip off at 9am Saturday morning and a champion will be crowned by 3pm. 

How to register:


The time has finally come to slip on your softball gloves, lace up your cleats, and step into the batter’s box! You are cordially invited to participate in this year’s 36th Annual UCSB Student-Alumni One-Pitch Softball Tournament. This year’s tournament will take place on Saturday, April 28th, 2018 (during All Gaucho Alumni Weekend) on Storke Field, right across from Harder Stadium.

This one-day tournament will tip off at 9am Saturday morning and a champion will be crowned by 3pm. The registration fee will be $200 per alumni team and FREE for student teams, which will include t-shirts and light breakfast refreshments at the field. Your registration forms are available to down load.

Register HERE by Tuesday, April 24.

How to register:

  1. You can register online and email your Registration Form and Roster to
  2. You can pay at the Recreation Center Cashier’s Office and drop off your Registration From and Roster to the Recreational Sports Office (at the UCSB Recreation Center in Room 1110)
  3. You can mail in your payment in the form of a check (to: UC Regents) along with your Registration From and Roster to:

Att: Ashley Marsh/Alumni Softball Tournament
Department of Recreation
1509 Recreation Center
University of California Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, California 93106-3025

We hope you will participate in this once a year Department of Recreation tradition. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at (805) 893-5226, or through e-mail at We look forward from hearing from you!


Payment can be made online or by mail to the above mailing address. We accept only Visa and Mastercard credit cards. Please make all checks payable to UC Regents.

Once we’ve received your registration form and payment, we will email you a confirmation packet with event information, including brackets, directions, and parking. As a reminder, alcohol is not permitted on the field. Gather your friends and challenge other alumni in this annual Department of Recreation tradition, and enjoy the weekend in beautiful Santa Barbara! If you have questions, please contact Ashley Marsh at (805) 893-3913 or Hope to see you there!

2017 Recap Video

Feel free to check out all the fun we had at last year's event!

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