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Hatha Mainstream Yoga: Well rounded and accessible to all levels and ages, classes focus on alignment, deeper understanding of asana and it's connection to breath and it's power. In the sense that it invites us to face our deficiencies and then to find ways to overcome them, yoga is no different then life: the greater the challenge, the greater the opportunity and the reward that follows. Yoga practice gives us an insight in who we are and can potentially become. Jasmine has been teaching yoga classes at UCSB since 2004. She received her teaching credentials at White Lotus Foundation where she continues her education, and is certified in Flow and Therapeutic yoga.

Sunset Flow Yoga: Jazmin teaches a strong, inspired flow, each class a unique, challenging but playful moving-mediation. Her classes reflect the deep connection she has to the ocean and lessons learned at the fringe of the sea, remaining present to the breath, the natural state of impermanence, and the underlying rhythms of the unknown. Awareness, alignment, strength, and flexibility are woven into fluid sequences, motivating an inner exploration of body, mind, and spirit. Students have the opportunity to move and energize, breathe, and restore, cultivating a safe and perceptive practice suitable for all abilities

Strong + Stretchy Yoga: 75 minutes to strengthen your body, stretch out your muscles and quiet your mind.Dr. Kendall Hassemer teaches a transformative blend of asana, inversions, subtle movement, laughter and arm balances to invigorate, challenge and sustain your physical body, mind and soul. Living and teaching the last ten years in the yoga hub of Portland, Oregon, Dr. Kendall completed her naturopathic doctorate at the National College of Natural Medicine. She has studied with many master yoga teachers, training specifically with Tias and Surya Little, Lisa Black, Doug Keller and Baron Baptiste, and currently serves as a Yoga Ambassador for Patagonia.

Flow Yoga : This is a time for you to take a breath and move from a deeper place.This class will explore and flow through basic yoga asanas, stretches, and movements that open and connect our bodies, hearts, minds, and smiles. We will cultivate a greater range of movement, strength, balance, and a more peaceful mind. This class offers a time and place for you to slow down enough to listen to the natural wisdom of your body and your heart and to celebrate your inherent strength, freedom, and beauty through creative and spontaneous movement. The intention is that you can arrive more fully in your experience and check in with what lies just under its surface. The hope is that you can be more comfortable within yourself, no matter what state or shape you think you are in. I’m excited about supporting your process of unpacking, unwinding, moving, and releasing what you don't need to carry and, as a result, making space for more of the good stuff. The invitation is simple: be free, move spontaneously.Leave class feeling nourished, relaxed, invigorated, and embodied. Taught by Luca Cupery The core of my yoga teaching is that each and every human body has a deep intelligence that needs to be approached with sincerity, curiosity, and compassionate devotion. For over 16 years I have cultivated and dedicated myself to the practice and study of Yoga. I draw inspiration from many sources: nature, traditional Chinese medicine, music, Prem Baba’s Path of the Heart, and most recently from the groundbreaking work of Bob Cooley and his Resistance Flexibility and Strength Training.


Chair Pilates : An effective fusion of strengthening, toning and core stabilizing moves that targets every muscle group using the resistance pedal of the chair and hand weights. The challenge of this class is to improve your posture, balance, strength and coordination. All levels are welcome.

Mat Pilates : a non-impact system of exercise that focuses on the deep muscles of the abdomen and spine. Pilates mat classes focus on toning, strengthening, and lengthening the entire body using only your own body weight and gravity. The results include toned muscles, a sculpted waistline, improved posture, increased flexibility, and improved mind-body connection. The fluid movements coupled with the breath are designed to reduce stress and tension, leaving you refreshed and not exhausted. Workouts are safe, versatile and effective for all ages and fitness levels.

Yoga Fusion Pilates : Build a powerful center as you improve coordination, balance, posture, & flexibility. Develop profound awareness as you enjoy mental clarity, focus, & concentration. You will feel and function better all-around! Class includes: options for working at different challenge levels so you meet your body’s ever-changing needs; precise alignment descriptions + creative visualizations so you move safely, effectively, with joy & humor; varied sequencing so you are thoroughly engaged from head to toe; and a restorative cool-down and deeply satisfying relaxation, so you finish fully refreshed & energized. All are welcome!

Water Fitness

A water workout designed to enhance cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength. This challenging class, set to music, is for participants of all fitness levels and swimming abilities. Join us in the pool and enjoy the many benefits the water environment offers.