Calling All Gauchos! | Time to WIN the ON Campus Challenge 2017


Hiking. Kayaking. Hammocking. Backpacking. Gardening. Bicycling. Walking.

These are just a few of the activities Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni and our Community at UCSB will be participating in from September 18 through October 15 as we compete to win the 4th annual Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge.

Although there are loads of incredible prizes to go around, we have our eyes on the top prize: the title of National Outdoor Champion.

To learn more about the Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge, visit

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Activites can take place and be logged from anywhere on planet Earth!

Earn Points by participating and posting in the official app

Hosted by the Outdoor Foundation, a nonprofit committed to connecting folks with the outdoors, and sponsored by REI, The North Face, Hydro Flask, and ENO, the Campus Challenge aims to get students from more than 90 universities off the computers and into the wilderness.

To participate, simply:
1- Download the Campus Challenge app.
2- Join the University of California Santa Barbara team.
3- Log outdoor activities during the Challenge to score points.

Prizes for winners include national titles, free outdoor gear, and most importantly, bragging rights.

Weekly Bonus Activities and Sponsor Give Away Opportinities will be posted on our Facebook Page
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Week 1 | Sept 18 - Sept 24 | REI


Week One is sponsored by REI and we look forward to giving away a load of great gear to someone competing for UCSB.
A new winner will be chosen each day.

-Participate in the indicated activity below
-Post in the ON app
-You'll automatically be entered to win REI gear!!!

Congrats to the 2017 Winners for REI Week:

Day 1 - (9/18) - Hiking/Backpacking - ( REI Flash Day Pack- Annika A.)
Day 2 - (9/19) - Yoga (Outdoor) - ( REI Multi-towel- Chris B.)
Day 3 - (9/20) - Paddle Sports (Kayak, SUP, Canoe) - ( REI Camp Chair- Brenda L.)
Day 4 - (9/21) - Biking/Mountain Biking - ( REI Duffel Bag- Rick V.)
Day 5 - (9/22) - Running/Jogging/Trail Running - ( REI Double Wall Cup- Elizabeth S.)
Day 6 - (9/23) - Camping - ( REI Trail Chair- Michelle L.)
Day 7 - (9/24) - Camping - ( REI Nalgene Water Bottle- Lauren W.)

Week 2 | Sept 25 - Oct 1 | The North Face

Did somebody say scavenger hunt? This week, The North Face is hosting a scavenger hunt around the UCSB campus. Clues will be hidden on campus, starting with your first clue below.

Each Campus Challenge participant at UCSB that finds the final scavenger hunt destination will be entered to win a Litus 32 backpack from The North Face. Additionally, The North Face is also going to outfit three people head-to-toe:

  • The person who logs the most running activities this week
  • The person who logs the most hiking activities this week
  • The person who logs the most climbing activities this week

(In the case of a tie, winners will be chosen at random from eligible participants.)

To be entered to win, upload a photo of yourself at the final scavenger hunt location with the “North Face Sign” (ask the staff to let you use it) with  #TNFChallenge and #OutdoorNation.

Congrats to Shannon S. for winning the Litus 32 Backpack.

Scavenger Hunt Clue #1:

ACC Wall Clue Pic

Make sure you swing by during open hours (Daily 11:30am to 30 min before Rec Cen closure) to get your next clue from the staff.


Consider spending 30 min climbing for a 10 pointer!

Week 3 | Oct 2 - Oct 8 | ENO

This week, pull out the Slap Straps and get ready to hang out with ENO.

We are officially setting up "ENO Village" on the lawn outside of DLG Dinning Commons. Bring a hammock if you have one. If not, there will be a number of hammocks to share. Although you may hammock multiple times a day, you may only post “ENO Village” 1x per day during this week. If you can not make the times below, feel free to set up your own ENO Village in an appropriate location with some friends.

ENO Hammock and Strap Winners:
Hallie B.
Nadav K.
Ashley M.
Braden H.

Week 4 | Oct 9 - Oct 15 | Hydroflask

ONCC Hydroflask
If all of these outdoor activities are making you thirsty, you’re in luck. Hydro Flask is here to help close out the Campus Challenge. Log an activity related to each day’s color and you’ll be entered to win that bottle on your campus that day.

Each day this will feature a different color water bottle and challenge you to find a place outside in nature that reflects that color. Hike to a lake on Pacific bottle day, or slackline in a grassy park on Kiwi day. You should get creative, but whatever you choose to do, make sure you are doing an activity outside and you are logging that day’s activity by choosing the Hydro Flask Color Challenge activity from the list of options in the app.

  • October 9 - Sage
    • Winners! Alison P. & Dustin H.
  • October 10 - Pacific
  •      Winners! Asher T. & Stephanie K. 
  • October 12 -Lava
    • Winners! Max K. & Heather S.
  • October 13 - Mint
      • Winners! Cassie C. & Jordan B.
  • October 15 - Kiwi
    • Winners! Debbie M-D. & Tamara N.

(Each of these activities can only be logged once)

WEEK 4 | UCSB Bonus Activities

Hey Gauchos! In addition to the Hydroflask Color challenge, we have created a number of UCSB special activities for bonus points this week. Make sure to select the “Activity Name” when you post. Note: you may only select the activity if you participate during the time it is scheduled. If not, ONCC staff will reject your post. Posts must be made before 9p PST each day before the special bonus activity disappears. We are looking at up to 35 points for each 20 pt base (20 pts base, 5 group, 5 campus sponsored, 5 social share). 

Mon 10/9 12:15p-12:45p | "Gaucho Bike Ride 10/9" | Meet in front of the Rec Cen ready to ride by 12:15. Please bring your bike.

Tue 10/10 12:15p-12:45p | “Campus Point Beach Cleanup 10/10” | Meet at UCSB Campus Point to help do a little MOOPing (collecting “Matter Out Of Place” (both macro and micro trash)). Gloves, Grabbers, and Buckets will be provided although we might need to share a wee bit. 

Wed 10/11 12:15p-12:45p | “Gaucho Climbing in the ACC 10/11” | Meet at the UCSB Rec Cen Adventure Climbing Center (ACC). No experience necessary. Arrive a little early if you have not yet signed a waiver for the ACC.

Thur 10/12 12:30p-1p | "Gaucho Beach Boot Camp 10/12” | Meet at UCSB campus point for a muli-sport/ multi-activity work out led by Gaucho REC Coordinator and Fitness Instructor Michelle Leachman. Please be prepared to get sandy, wet, sweaty and have some fun while doing a little running, swimming, and other fun exercises. 

Fri 10/13 2p-4p | “Gaucho Log Rolling 10/13” | Meet at the Rec Cen Pool to let your inner lumber jack out. Be prepared to get wet.

Fri 10/13 3p-4p | “Gaucho Canoe Battleship” | Meet at the Rec Cen Pool and be prepared to get wet. Your team of up to 4 will try to sink another canoe battle ship.

Go Gauchos!!!!

WEEK 4 | UCSB Sponsored Activities

In an effort to "get outside and play" together (and hit that little 5pt checkbox "School Sponsored"), Recreation/ Adventure Programs is coordinating the following 30 min activities:

Tues 10/9 7a | Bike Ride | Meet in front of the Rec Cen. Please bring your bike.
Tues 10/9 7:30a | Clean Up @ Goleta Pier | Meet at pier or ride with us at 7a.
Tues 10/9 11:30a | Jog/ Run | Meet in front of Rec Cen.
Tues 10/9 12p | Bike Ride to Campus Point | Meet in front of the Rec Cen. Please bring your bike.

Wed 10/11 7:30a | Bike Ride | Meet in front of the Rec Cen. Please bring your bike.
Wed 10/11 8a | Fishing off Goleta Pier | Bring a pole if you have one.
Wed 10/11 1p | Bike Ride | Meet in front of the Rec Cen. Please bring your bike.
Wed 10/11 1:30p | Clean Up at Campus Point | Meet at Campus Point or Ride with us at 1p

Thur 10/12 7a | Bike Ride | Meet in front of the Rec Cen. Please bring your bike.
Thur 10/12 8a | Fishing off Goleta Pier | Bring a pole if you have one. 
Thur 10/12 12p | Bike Ride | Meet in front of the Rec Cen. Please bring your bike.
Thur 10/12 1:00p | Clean Up at Campus Point | Meet at Campus Point.

Fri 10/13 7:30a | Bike Ride | Meet in front of the Rec Cen. Please bring your bike.
Fri 10/13 8a | Clean Up @ Goleta Pier | Meet at pier or ride with us at 7:30a. 
Fri 10/13 12:15p | Climbing in the ACC | Meet in the Climbing Center @ the Rec Cen. Swing by early if you need to sign a waiver, etc.