Frequently Asked Questions


I’m a beginner and I've never climbed before, can I still join the Team?
Of Course! We are here to help people get stoked on climbing, we'll teach you all the necessary techniques you'll need to know to get better.

I’m not a beginner, what’s in it for me?
We provide a great environment for people who want to climb better and harder.

What gear do I need?
The only thing you must always bring is a can-do-attitude. Shoes and chalk are also very highly recommend. Both can be bought at REI, although in a pinch, chalk can also be purchased at the Adventure Climbing Centure
*tips: shoes should be sized down so that the toes curl slightly but should never hurt. One way to determine your size is to go to REI downtown and try on shoes (Shoes can be found cheaper elsewhere ie. online so just remember your brand and size). Also note that shoes can be sized differently between brands.

How do I join?

To become part of the team, you need to pay the team dues and sign our general waiver before the first in-house competition of each quarter. Team dues go for $40/quarter or $100/year.  We take cash or checks made out to "Adventure Programs Staff".

What’s the difference between the different types of climbing?
Climbing can be broken into two main categories based on height (no clear cut off as they meld into each other and depend on how you protect yourself), bouldering and free climbing.

- Climbs that go up to 20ft and uses crash pads as protection. Any climb higher and still uses pads is considered highball bouldering.
Top Roping
- Climbs where the rope is threaded through a permanent anchor at the top of the climb
Sport Climbing - Climbs with pre-drilled bolts where quickdraws a clipped to create a temporary anchor until climber reaches the top and treads the rope through the permanent anchor at the top.
Traditional Climbing - uses removable protection that act as the bolts in sports climbing.

*We do not do free-soloing (what Alex Honnold does). 

So what types of climbing do we do?

When are in the MAC we will be training on top-rope. When we are in Rob Gym we will be bouldering. Our outdoor trips will mostly consists of bouldering because it is more easily accessible to larger groups and we have team crash pads. 

When are the practices? What should I do if I can’t make it to one?
You will find our schedule on the calendar.  There will be two types of practices: Free climbs and workouts. Practices are completely optional. All we require is that if you show up to a workout practice that you participate in the workout with the rest of the team.

*subject to change based on upcoming events